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Dry Melting granulating technical process
Author:mike jiang Date:2015/6/18 9:15:56Click on the:1625

Dry melting granulating technical process

Environmental protection,No "three wastes" emission 

It is a post treatment process to compound fertilizer dry granualating technical process.

It heats granules taking energy like coal,natural gas or electricity as heat source and makes urea part of formula material at semi-melting state which is convenient for shaping granules.

Granules after shaping cool down, urea part in granules instantly become crystalline by which improves granule srength.

This technical process owns features of simple, low investment and wide application are etc. It has obvious effects in granules shaping and granules strength improvement.

Dry melting granulating technical process can be matched with dry compound fertilizer granulating production line with annual output of 50,000-200,000tons.


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