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new-type GY-250 granulating machine
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Environtal protection, No “Three wastes”emission


1.Extruding powdery material to granules at normal temperature, which apply to base material of single element fertilizer and multielement compound fertilizer (eg. ammonium carbonate, carbamide, ammonium of muriate, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate muriate of potash etc.), output granules own feature of high strength, machine doesn't need additional drying equipment, which can greatly reduce production cost.


2. To meet usrs' needs, company can design and provide supporting equipment such as mixer, crusher, bucket elevator, conveyor, storage bin, drum screen etc. by which it can reach capacity from dozens of tons to hundreds of tens of production.


3.Rollers are manufactured by special material which owns a good feature of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life etc.


4. It has the advantage of low noise, smooth operation and stable power transmission.

 Model 型号



 Capacity (t/h)产量



 Granule diameter (mm) 颗粒直径

 Ø3, Ø3.5, Ø4, Ø8















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