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2FZ series intelligent fertilizer formula machine
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This kind of machine is designed and manufactured according to national requirement on fertilization based on soil testing,which is suitable for the use of agricultural supermarket, farm and large scale growers. 
Product features:
By control of microcomputer interface, it can generate formulas for fertilization automatically and realize seamless connectivity with data measured from station of fertilization based on soil testing.
Fertilizer formula process work automatically by control of computer;high automation.
With cylinder as power source, machine operates steady, noiselessly and pollution-free.
Machine with small size on which foundation is not needed and is well-formed which is suitable for agricultural supermarkets use.
By taking effective corrosion prevention measures on carbon steel and stainless steel directly touching fertilizers, machines have the feature of high acid and alkali resistance and long service life. 
Touchscreen of control instrument of computers  is easy to operate and no special requirement for the operating personnel.
Technical parameters
1. weighing range: 20-50kg/bag
2. packing capacity:1-3 bag/min
3. accuracy class:0.2
4. working condition: -10-50℃(relative humidity<90%)
5. material feature: particle size(2cm-7cm) moisture<10℃
6. air supply pressure: 0.45-0.6mpa
7. dimension: 2950×2300×2850

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