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GY-185 roller granulator
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This type of machine is newly researched and developed by our company which combined domestic and overseas advanced granulation technology. It can turn powder material into particle directly at normal temperature. It owns advantages of less operating personnel, energy-saving and low consumption and environmental protection(no three wastes emission). Our company can design and manufacture fertilizer granulation production lines with annual output of 30,000-500,000tons according to customers’ requirements. 
Typical feeding material:all kinds of special compound fertilizers and chemical raw material with different concentration as muriate of ammonia,ammonia sulfate,magnesium sulfate,ammonium bicarbonate,muriate of potash etc.
Remarkable features compared with similar products:
 Capacity per unit: 2.5-3.5T/H
Granule of high compression strength
Roller of good wear-resisting performance
Low energy consumption,environmetal protection

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