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ICS series electronic belt conveyor scales
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To assure stable productive process and precise material ratio,whatever industrial production process needs to ration one feed or multiple feeding material which has an important point in successful production process and precision quality control. ICS series electronic belt conveyor scales designed to meet customers needs in all walks of industry owns the advantages of simple structure,stability and reliability, easy operation and precise metering etc. by which it could help customers reduce material waste, improve product quality and automation in production process.
Application range: it is generally used in compound fertilizer industry, BB fertilizer industry, chemical engineering industry,cement industry and metallugical industry etc.

Product parameter:
Product model: ICS-500-DT
Delivery capacity: 0.6-10T/H
Belt width: 500mm
Conveyor speed: 0.02-0.2m/s
Accuracy: 0.5‰
Power supply: 380VAC、220VAC
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