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Leopard brand machinery - What is soil testing and fertilizer recommendation?
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Leopard brand machinery - What is soil testing and fertilizer recommendation?

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Just like a patient goes to see a doctor, doctor needs to give him or her a physical examination and then make diagnosis and give treatment according to the examination results, that is to say a doctor can not give a patient treatment or make a description without a basis, soil also needs a doctor, also needs a description according to its specific conditions by which we can solve problems of low-yeilding of crops and realize a high yeilding.
Maybe we can get the work procedure literally from the word of soil testing and fertilizer recommendation: generally it concludes soil testing, fertilizer formulating and fertilization,while how to make it into action? It needs cooperation between farmer friends and agricultural technicians.
First step: soil testing: take some soil sample, test nutrient content of it; Second step: fertilizer formulation: make reasonable descriptions for soil according to different needs of different plants to nutrients and then apply fertilizers based on fertilizer formula; Third step: fertilization: scientific and reasonable fertilization under the instruction of agricultural technicians.
Leopard brand intelligent fertilizer formulating machine is suitable for stores of agricultural material company and agricutural cooperatives etc. and is a preferred equipment in soil testing and fertilizer recommendation. Leopard brand intelligent fertilizer formulating machine has been succcesfully passed the experiment certification of national agricultural machinery products and share policies of national subsidies for gricultural machinery.
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