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    Hengshui Longchang Fertilizer Pelletizing Machinery Co. Ltd. focuses in manufacturing Leopard brand fertilizer granulators with a long history of design and production, and owns a strong ability to design and manufacture a series of favoured production (eg.fertilizer granulators, BB fertilizer equippment, chemical fertilizer granulator) with different production ability customer-focused. Main product in Leopard brand: roller granulator,squeezing granulator, disc granulator and rotary drum urea melt coating granulator etc.which apply to nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer production, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer prodction, Organic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer production etc.
    Products include environmental granulator,roller environmental granulator,environmental compound fertilizer equipment,small-size environmental feitilizer equipment,compound fertilizer plant network,fertilizer granulator,Leopard brand machinery,BB fertilizer equipment,vibrating screening machine,urea crusher,intelligent fertilizer machine,drying and cooling machine,conveyor,organic manure circle-throwing machine,mobile fermentation turning machine,fertilizer granulator,fertilizer production line,compound fertilizer granulator, electronic rationed packing scales, compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer complete equipment, automatic rationed packing scales, compond fertilizer complete equipment;
    Company owns complete production line and strong technical strength with 5 outstanding middle and senior engineers and 11 qualified technical personnel. Cooperating with HeBei University of Science & technology and Henan Agriculture Universuty,we have made great innovation and improvement in company production(eg.Leopard brand granulator, BB fertilizer equipment and urea crusher etc.). After several years of continuous improvement, product quality has reached domestic advanced level of similar products especially in urea crusher which owns a suction-crushing-product integrating production process. Over last dozon years, company has successfully exported to more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries,formed a set of scientific marketing network. We make commitment to the idea of continuous improvement on technology, pursuit of excellence in quality and strive for perfection in design, by which we made our production structure more reasonable, shape more beautiful and design more advanced. More and more fertilizer manufacturers and investors are regarding our product as ther ideal choice.
    We make“Honesty comes first, then business comes”as our enterprise spirit, “product equals to personality, busness equals to personhood”our operation principle, “quality first,customer uppermost”our management policy.
Main Product:
·Leopard brand granulator production line with an annual output of 10,000-200,000tons of nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer and single element nitrogen fertilizer.
·Wet granulation production line with an annual output of 10,000-200,000tons of high, medium and low concentration NPK compound fertilizer and organic and inorganic fertilizer.
·Organic and bio-organic fertilizer Production line with  an anuual production capacity of 10,000-200,000 tons.
·BB fertilizer equipment with an annual production capacity of 50,000-1000,000 tons.
·Potassic fertilizer granulator production line with an annual output of 10,000-100,000 tons.
·Urea coating production line with an annual production capacity of 30,000-200,000 tons.
    We sincerely welcome  all old and new customers to visit our company and give instructions.

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